Connection Media has a match with Pepper

1 March 2022

Rotterdam - Connection Media, expert in online dating, acquires dating platform Pepper. The takeover of Pepper further expands the company's position in the online dating market. 

Pepper was developed based on the wishes of singles. On the platform, singles can profile themselves and other singles in a personal way. Not by telling who they are, but by showing it. With a personal mood board, music fragments and videos, they give an insight into their personality and interests. This visual approach is much more personal than dating sites where only photos of users are shared and they describe themselves with text. Since Pepper was founded by RTL Ventures in 2011, the platform has developed into one of the largest dating platforms in the Netherlands. The current owner, Dutch MatchMedia, is selling Pepper to Connection Media, which will further develop the platform. 

In addition to Pepper, Dutch Connection Media also has dating app Kwissle in its portfolio. 

Wessel Verhoeff, CEO of Connection Media: "Pepper has gained a strong position in the dating market. Many singles know how to find Pepper in their search for the perfect match. The visual and personal approach, which allows singles to show who they are in Pepper, fits in perfectly with our vision of online dating. We also encourage that real connection with our other dating platform Kwissle. Both platforms complement each other well. Whereas Kwissle focuses on the 35+ niche, Pepper focuses more on the younger target group. I look forward to further expanding our position in the market with Kwissle and Pepper and helping as many singles as possible to find love."

John Meuffels, managing director of MatchMedia, underlines the match between Connection Media and Pepper: "Connection Media shows with Kwissle that they recognise the opportunities for the dating market, but also know where the weak spots are. Singles, for example, find it difficult to determine whether someone is a real match. With Pepper, we have already made good steps in this direction by making the singles' entire experience visual and personal. Connection Media has the knowledge to take the next step and make the dating experience even better. With Kwissle, they also successfully keep fake profiles off the platform by deploying smart technical solutions. Now that this knowledge is combined with Pepper's successful approach, singles will be able to benefit from a unique dating experience. And find true love. I'm thrilled that Connection Media will take Pepper into that next phase."

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 About MatchMedia

MatchMedia has been active since 2001 with dating sites for higher educated singles (match4me) and active 50-plussers (50plusmatch). MatchMedia is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. 

About Connection Media 

Connection Media has been active since 2021 with dating app Kwissle, the app for a real connection. Through clever technical solutions, the company aims to bring the 'real world' dating experience to online dating. The unique love journey in the app ensures that users make a real connection with each other. Moreover, thanks to this approach, fake profiles are a thing of the past.

Connection Media was founded by Wessel Verhoeff and Kees Doornenbal. The company's headquarters are in Rotterdam. 

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